LibreOffice 3.6 – The selected JRE is defective

After a fresh install of LibreOffice 3.6 on my Windows 7 laptop, I was expecting to get some work done without further delay. As it turns out that was not to be the case.

LibreOffce - The selected JRE is defective

After typing the first paragraph, a message box popped up informing me that “JRE is defective” and kindly terminated the application.

Now I wont dispute that Oracle’s JRE is defective, broken or simply a security hazard altogether, but it’s currently the latest and stable release.

Searching the interwebs:
Some well meaning users on the Libre /OpenOffice forums recommend downgrading JRE to the 6.x series but that really shouldn’t be an alternative. Since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and by extension Java, there seem to have been a shift in focus from Java patches to Java patents. Cheap shots aside though, Java should always be kept up to date for security reasons.

The problem:
The jvm.dll allows an application to load the Java Virtual Machine at runtime (the same way as any other dll gets loaded). However, this bootstrapping seems to be dependent of msvcr100.dll, which is not globally available unless you have previously installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

The Solution:
Alternative 1)
Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.
Restart LibreOffice.

Alternative 2)
First locate your jvm.dll file and open the folder in which it resides.
Then locate the msvcr100.dll file and copy the latter file into the same folder which already contains the jvm.dll.
Restart LibreOffice.

LibreOffice - Steps to rectify the "The selected JRE is defective" problem.
LibreOffice – Steps to rectify the “The selected JRE is defective” problem.

What is Oracle doing to fix this regression bug:

Thankfully LibreOffice will bundle the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime library with the next stable release to rectify this rather unnecessary annoyance.

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