BlueOnyx 5107R – Missing labels on HTML elements

I recently noticed that one of our BlueOnyx 5107R servers was missing labels on all HTML elements and thus presented a somewhat curious looking login screen.

The BlueOnyx 5107R login screen with missing labels
The BlueOnyx 5107R login screen with missing labels

After looking through the yum update log, it turned out that the PHP packages had received an update from upstream. From what I remember, the BlueOnyx admin server uses a PHP class to put labels on HTML components so this could explain the absence of the aforementioned labels.
After issuing a restart of the admin server with the command below, everything went back to normal.

/etc/init.d/admserv restart

I have not experienced this “bug” with the admin server on previous PHP updates so I don’t know exactly what caused it, nor did I find any relevant error messages in the log files. Anyhow, the remedy is simple enough.

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