Where does WordPress spam come from?

After using Akismet for a few years to battle spam, it seemed to me that the spammers were slowly gaining the upper hand. Spam was starting to leak through the cracks and I was looking for an alternate approach to the problem.

Akismet – It does a good job of killing of spam. I’m not too sure of the claimed accuracy rate though.

After analyzing how bots (automated comment spammers) were parsing my content I ended up with a solution that didn’t affect legitimate visitors but was still able to discard comments from bots on the fly. Four months later and I’ve seen no spam whatsoever. For my own amusement I decided to log the IP of every spammer until I reached a 100 000 spam posts. The idea behind this was to get an adequate number to run some statistics against.

So without further ado, I give you my spammer toplist broken down by IP’s and blocks.

Top 10 spammers by IP

Spam post count IP /32 Country
1757 China
711 China
687 China
593 Russian Federation
527 China
466 China
439 Russian Federation
430 China
422 China

Top 10 spammers by IP /24

Spam post count IP /24 Country
2430 China
2194 China
2173 Ukraine
2111 China
2080 China
1785 China
1757 China
1741 China
1736 China
1650 China

Top 10 spammers by IP /16

Spam post count IP /16 Country
15006 China
11653 China
9115 China
8501 China
4315 China
3926 China
3634 China
3381 China
3161 China
3133 China

Top 5 spammers by IP /8

Spam post count IP /8 Country

It would seem that comment spam unfortunately is mostly “Made in China”. At least now I understand why 8% of my total bandwidth consumption originates from China.

I’ve attached the log containing the 100k-of-spam if anybody’s interested.

Address blocks are fetched from NirSoft.

Thank you for reading!
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