The OTRS Group axes the Windows installer

With the release of OTRS Help Desk 4, it seems that running OTRS on a native Windows environment for all intents and purposes is no longer viable. By killing off the Windows installer and recommending migration into the OTRS appliance, the OTRS Group seems to be subtly hinting that OTRS on Windows is dead in the water.

The OTRS Windows installer

The now unmaintaned OTRS Windows installer.

Switching to the OTRS appliance might be a good solution for some Windows installations, but in my case OTRS is configured with MS Active Directory as a customer and agent backend, and we’re relaying on IIS for single sign on. It might be possible to do a source based update and subsequently hack it all back together, but who really wants to travel down that road.

An interesting detail with this change in direction from the OTRS Group is the lack of information regarding the decision to drop the Windows as a platform. I’ve scourged the interwebs for more information but all I’ve found is hearsay, it all says the same though, that’s all she wrote.

Being just a freeloader it’s not like The OTRS Group owes me anything so let me just say this: So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Migrating otrs from windows into appliance

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