Quttera’s Web Malware Scanner adds www.oracle.com to their blacklist.

Yesterday I was notified that blog.paranoidpenguin.net had been labeled as a malicious site by the Quttera malware scanner. I was taken aback by this as I spend a great deal of time monitoring my services. Curious to see what the malware scanner had flagged on my site I headed over to Quttera.com to have a look at my “scorecard”.

Quttera - Reference to blacklisted domain www.oracle.com
Quttera – detected reference to malicious blacklisted domain www.oracle.com

The result was rather interesting, my site was classified as malicious due to a reference to a blacklisted domain. The blacklisted domain in question was www.oracle.com, home of Larry Ellison’s software giant. Was this some comment on the current state of Java these days, or was something else amiss.

Thankfully Oracle must have called Quttera and gotten some assistance on removing most of the malware from their site, as of today, the domain is no longer blacklisted. Another explanation though would be a false positive from Quttera’s scanner. Still, I would like to believe that there is some sort of manual approval procedure before blacklisting a top 500 domain and subsequently flagging every site linking to it as malicious.

Unfortunately the results from Quttera’s engine will be cached and included in other online reputation services, so this is a gift that will keep on giving for a while.

As proof of the mishap, here is an archived copy of Quttera’s classification for Oracle, as seen on archive.org: www.oracle.com rating

Who is Quttera:
Quttera offers SaaS based malware detection solution to identify unknown and ‘zero-day’ threats on websites and to provide real-time warning for businesses and organizations. Technology is unique and its core is combined from artificial intelligence, multi-layered identification engines, scoring layers and other non-signature based approaches to web malware detection.
Source: linkedin.com

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