What is the latest Skype for Business User-Agent string?

When using a client other than Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) to connect with your Office 365 account, you’ll need to provide the Microsoft Lync servers with a user-agent string they recognize as an “acceptable” client. The reasoning behind this is surely to give you the best possible experience and not at all to lock out other messaging clients.

Personally, I use Pidgin with the third party plugin “pidgin-sipe” to connect with the Office 365 service. However, this will only work as long as an “acceptable” user-agent string is provided.

As of December 2018, Skype for Business 2016 identifies itself with the following user-agent string:

UCCAPI/16.0.11029.20045 OC/16.0.11029.20079

If you try to connect with an invalid user-agent string you’ll get the following message, which includes a link to download Skype.

Warning: 311 lcs.microsoft.com "http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=213295"
Server: RTC/6.0

I’ll keep this information up to date as long as I have a valid Office 365 subscription.

Older entries:

Client User-Agent
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.11001.20054 OC/16.0.11001.20074
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.10730.20030 OC/16.0.10730.2008
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.10325.20036 OC/16.0.10325.20082
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.9330.2087 OC/16.0.9330.2087
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.9126.2116 OC/16.0.9126.2116
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.9029.2167 OC/16.0.9029.2167
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.8827.2131 OC/16.0.8827.2131
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.8625.2055 OC/16.0.8625.2090
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.8229.2045 OC/16.0.8229.2073
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.8067.2032 OC/16.0.8067.2032
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.7766.5281 OC/16.0.7766.2047
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6965.5308 OC/16.0.6965.2117
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6965.5302 OC/16.0.6965.2105
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6741.5312 OC/16.0.6741.2071
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6741.5299 OC/16.0.6741.2056
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6001.1078 OC/16.0.6001.1078
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6001.1073 OC/16.0.6001.1073
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6001.1061 OC/16.0.6001.1061
Skype for Business 2016 UCCAPI/16.0.6001.1043 OC/16.0.6001.1043
Skype for Business 2015* UCCAPI/15.0.4823.1000 OC/15.0.4823.1000
Skype for Business 2015 UCCAPI/15.0.4813.1000 OC/15.0.4809.1000
Skype for Business 2015 UCCAPI/15.0.4805.1000 OC/15.0.4805.1001
Skype for Business 2015 UCCAPI/15.0.4753.1000 OC/15.0.4753.1003

*= Current User-Agent from Skype for Business 2015
This page was last updated on Monday, December 10, 2018.

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