has switched to eudev

After finally getting my hands on the Black Friday deals from the Slackware ARM Current branch, I have one less device running an old and dormant udev version. My RPi2 spent three hours downloading, installing and upgrading the latest massive batch of packages, which included ripping out udev and plugging eudev back in its place. Instead of rebooting the system I opted to do a “forceful restart” of the device manger and so far it seems we made it out alive.

The only issue I’ve noticed so far were some warnings about missing runtime dependencies for the PHP GD extension. All the missing libraries were X related, and will obviously be included with a full Slackware installation.

For the record, I made this post to verify that my WordPress installation was still working as expected (PHP GD troubles and all), not because I believe anybody else will gain from this information.

Anyhow, kudos to the Slackware team, I think we’re almost there.

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