VirtualBox – Kernel driver not installed

Yes, there are already tens of thousands of articles on the topic explaining in great detail why the vboxdrv module is no longer present on your system. One thing I like to address however is the constant advice of installing DKMS. As printed in the official VirtualBox documentation:

VirtualBox uses a special kernel module called vboxdrv to perform physical memory allocation and to gain control of the processor for guest system execution. To maintain it with future kernel updates, for those Linux distributions which provide it — most current ones — we recommend installing Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS).

VirtualBox: Kernel driver not installed
VirtualBox: Kernel driver not installed

I don’t see any advantages with adding DKMS, especially for distributions not already shipping it. On my system, at least, recompiling kernel modules won’t be left to some automagic applying framework.

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