Raspberry down

Due to a city wide power outage I lost just short of 300 days of uptime on the RPi2. The RPi2 did boot back up when the power returned, but since I had received a new IP address I needed to make a DNS update before the server was reachable again. That’s obviously the downside of running a server on a dynamic IP space, but hey it doesn’t cost me a cent. I have a 300 seconds TTL (Time To Live) on my blog.paranoidpenguin.net A record so I think it’s good enough for a hobby project.

Anyhow, the reason I’m doing a post on this topic is to report that after running fsck on every partition on my 32GB MicroSDHC Ultra UHS-I card, not a single error was found. This result is another confirmation of my theory pointing to excessive overclocking as the cause of my initial data corruption troubles (RPi2 – 38 days later). Additionally, this was also my first reboot of the RPi2 after replacing udev with eudev a couple of months back. It was satisfying to see that Slackware ARM was still working as Bob intended :-)

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