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About a year ago I replaced Piwik (an open source analytics platform) with Google Analytics due to a project that consisted of hosting this website on the RPi2. Since the RPi2 did not have enough “juice” to power Piwik, I went with Google’s proprietary solution instead.

Google Analytics is a great product which provides potentially valuable data, but I never felt entirely comfortable with “selling out” my visitors to Google’s ad baking chocolate factory. Considering how I personally take every precautions known to man to block all trackers and beacons, the double standards finally got the better of me.

With time, I have observed a steadily increase of visitors using ad blockers and thus giving me a firm “no thank you” to online tracking. Furthermore, I have also had a lot of visitors sending me the Do Not Track (dnt:1) HTTP header, but alas, that has no practical effect whatsoever.

DNT Google Analytics
Do Not Track? Wrong tool for the job my friend.

Google Analytics does not honor “Do Not Track” and there is not any option to enable it as far as I can tell (Piwik does support DNT). You can’t really fault Google too much for ignoring DNT though, as few (if any) companies care about it. However, I do find it kind of amusing that Google includes an option for “Do Not Track” in their Chrome browser seeing how every Google service receiving the header will simply ignore it.

If you want an alternative to DNT that actually works, then please have a look at the web browser addons list from Those programs may even keep you safe from malvertising campaigns delivered through compromised ad networks.

Anyhow, please enjoy an ad-free, tracking free and social media free browsing experience here at :-)

Interested in information about how Google uses data when you use their partners’ sites or apps? Please have a look at this link.

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