Exit Slackware, enter Gentoo Linux

After being a Slackware user for the last eight years, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the distribution suffers too greatly from being stuck in the past. Slackware lacks too many essential features to be useful in the enterprise world (Kerberos and PAM… 2016 anyone?). Even a real package manager with dependency resolution seems to be out of the question for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also grown tired of the constant need to compile additional software not already provided through the official Slackware repository. As most Slackers know, even with a full installation you’re still going to spend the weekend compiling packages after ravaging through Slackbuilds.org. And then, true to form, you’ll spend the next couple of days hunting down missing dependencies for the aforementioned Slackbuilds that failed to build.

So please meet Gentoo, by far the most customizable distribution you can get your paws on. Freedom, speed, optimization and ultimate control. And yeah, you can leave that pulseaudio thing at the door.

Gentoo Linux
Gentoo Linux, a system assembled entirely from building blocks of my own choice.

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