Downtime – Bluehost wiped my DNS zone

My Bluehost web hosting expired this January as expected after I passed on their mandatory “Plus” upgrade to a 12 bucks a month hosting plan. Paying that amount of money for shared hosting with Bluehost is pure insanity. To put that in perspective, I could rent tree virtual servers with Scaleway for the same price.

Bluehost Plus hosting deal
Bluehost Plus Web Hosting, exactly the same package but more expensive.

Domain name registrations are sold separately from hosting, and as I had one year left on my registration I believed there would be no service disruptions. Additionally, I removed any record pointing to Bluehost services from my DNS zone file to make a clean break.

Bluehost Zone editor
DNS.. were you using those?

Bluehost had other plans though and simply deleted my DNS zone file along with my expired hosting package. To add injury to insult they even pointed my domain to for some of that sweet ad revenue.

What better way to kick off the morning than punching a bunch of DNS records.
Thank you Bluehost!

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