Python 3.6 is now the default target on Gentoo

Python 3.6 recently replaced Python 3.5 in the default Python targets on Gentoo systems. The change was announced a month ago, which provided more than enough time for me to forget all about it. Because of this, I was somewhat surprised today as Portage complained about unmet requirements for the fail2ban-0.9.6 ebuild.

Fail2ban - unmet requirements

The ebuild selected to satisfy “net-analyzer/fail2ban” has unmet requirements.

The fail2ban-0.9.6 ebuild does not currently support Python 3.6 so I’ll declare USE flags for this specific package myself.

# /etc/portage/package.use/fail2ban
net-analyzer/fail2ban PYTHON_TARGETS: python2_7 python3_5 PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET: python3_5

It would have been enough to just provide net-analyzer/fail2ban PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET: python2_7 but I didn’t want to trigger an unnecessary rebuild of Fail2ban due to changed USE flags.

With that out of the way, let’s see what we need to rebuild or upgrade for Python 3.6:

Python 3.6 rebuild

Performing a Python 3.6 upgrade on Gentoo Linux.

GCC 7 in stable and Python 3.6 in the default targets within the same week, exciting times to run a Gentoo Linux server ;-)

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