Bad Humble Bundle

I try to keep my complaining off this blog for the most part, but occasionally somethings gotta give. After getting a promotional email from Humble Bundle, I decided to purchase the Cybersecurity 2.0 book bundle. Excited to simply be able to add a few more DRM free e-books to my collection, I headed straight for

My mood soured instantly as I was required to solve a CAPTCHA before being allowed to log in using two-factor authentication. I can live with Humble Bundle requiring me to solve a CAPTCHA after failed login attempts, but on the initial attempt? I also find forcing CAPTCHA on 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled accounts to be both offensive and lazy.

Anyway, I eventually found my book bundle and was ready to checkout with PayPal and be done. However, before I could actually pay for the books I had to, wait for it… solve another CAPTCHA!

Humble Bundle Captcha
Trying to give us money? Silly customer, here have another CAPTCHA.

If you would like to terrorize your customers and kill conversion rates then by all means implement CAPTCHA. I mean, it’s not like I’m unable to find other digital copies of these e-books on the interweb. Why make it so painfully hard to choose the legal option?

And yes, I’m sure blocking trackers, third party cookies and other bullshit makes me look more like a bot from Google’s point of view (Humble Bundle implements reCAPTCHA from Google). Still not an excuse.

Thank you for reading!
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