Your fortune awaits on Slackware Linux

Enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, I decided to boot up my Slackware-current laptop to install yet another batch of kernel updates. To repay my kindness, Slackware gave me what I can only describe as a malicious jumpscare that nearly resulted in a heart attack.

Can't find /

Sure, as a long time slacker I did realize what just went down, but the instant damage was still delivered in full. Thanks a lot, Mr. Volkerding ;-)

Courtesy of /etc/profile.d/

# Print a fortune cookie for interactive shells:

case $- in
*i* )  # We're interactive
  fortune fortunes fortunes2 linuxcookie

I’m pretty sure you won’t ever see something like this on your precious enterprise-ready GNU/Linux distribution. Praise Bob and slack on friends.

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