Zimbra 8 – Invalid Certificate error when installing a commercial wildcard certificate from RapidSSL

While trying to install a RapidSSL wildcard certificate on our Zimbra 8 server a while back, I ran into some issues while using Zimbra’s zmcertmgr command:

Error: Invalid Certificate:
error 2 at 2 depth lookup:unable to get issuer certificate

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Zimbra 8 – Automatically check for new mail on external POP3 and IMAP accounts

Instead of logging on to each of your external email accounts, you can retrieve all your accounts’ email messages directly from Zimbra. It’s one of those things you just expect to work with an enterprise ready solution like Zimbra.

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Zimbra 8 – provisioning accounts with non English characters using zmprov

After doing some initial testing with a bash script to migrate a few accounts from an external system to our Zimbra 8 installation, I noticed that the expected character set was not supported.

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