This website is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3

This WordPress blog is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3 after a year of running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Unlike with the RPi2, I’ve not done any overclocking on this device. I’m hoping that decision will decrease the number of file system related issues and obscure kernel oopses I’ve experienced lately, but I guess time will tell.

Slackware ARM on RPi3

Slackware 14.2 on a RPi3

The RPi3 is still running Slackware ARM 14.2 and the Linux kernel is at version 4.4.7 at time of writing.

My motivation for doing the upgrade was caused by my earlier comparison of the two Raspberry Pi devices on Slackware ARM: Raspberry Pi 2 VS Raspberry Pi 3 on Slackware ARM

I hope you enjoy faster handshakes and load times on this brand new power monster :]

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