Gentoo - New slot for PHP 7.2 on amd64

PHP 7.2 just went stable on amd64 providing me with an opportunity to finally migrate away from PHP 7.0. Unlike the PHP 7.1 releases, PHP 7.2 offers significant performance improvements.

Emerging PHP 7.2 on this Atom C3955 @2.10GHz based VPS took around an hour, but eventually, I was able to study the new configuration files. Not much had changed compared to PHP 7.0, so I proceeded to migrate my customizations to PHP 7.2.

To complete the upgrade, I used the eselect command to choose the latest PHP-FPM implementation and issued a restart. No issues so far, everything is running smooth…. and fast!

PHP 7.2 on Gentoo Linux

Completing an upgrade to PHP 7.2 on Gentoo Linux

As for the speed improvements I bragged about, well let’s leave it to the awesome GTmetrix tool to provide a detailed performance report for Have a close look at the screenshot below because I honestly doubt you’ll ever see scores like that for another WordPress site.

GTmetrix scores for

GTmetrix scores for running PHP 7.2 on Gentoo Linux

That is… until now. With Gentoo Linux and PHP 7.2, your WordPress site can achieve awesome results as well. And if you prefer to have someone else do the heavy lifting, well look no further, I do this for a living ;-)

The full GTmetrix report for is available from this link.

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