Welcome to my new v3 onion

Gentoo recently marked Tor as stable on amd64 so without further ado I’m launching my v3 onion. This hidden service is available at the following 56 bit long address: 4hpfzoj3tgyp2w7sbe3gnmphqiqpxwwyijyvotamrvojl7pkra7z7byd.onion

v3 onion

A v3 onion service- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Due to the impressive length of v3 onion addresses, I did not bother to bruteforce for a vanity address. Nor is using a vanity address advisable security wise. The v3 hidden service work as expected, but I did experience some initial configuration issues. I’m not sure if this was caused by an error on my part, or a mistake by Gentoo maintainer.

Like before, my new onion service is just another virtual host pointing to my WordPress folder so I offer zero new features besides enhanced crypto. I’m hosting both a v2 and a v3 service so the old slackiuxopmaoigo.onion address does live on. I’ve actually chosen to stick with the old v2 address for branding purposes (site name) as the new v3 address is just too long to work with.

The addresses for my onions are published on my Tor page but they are also available in DNS. The following DNS query will always return my hidden services:

dig -t TXT +short onion.paranoidpenguin.net
nslookup -q=TXT onion.paranoidpenguin.net
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