Onionsite has disconnected

With the release of Tor Browser 11.0, I remembered that I have an onion site so I figured it was a good time to see how it was doing. However, I must have been sleeping in class because the Tor Browser informed me that the site was most likely offline.

How to configure Hugo as a Tor hidden service

After migrating my blog from WordPress to Hugo, I wanted to find a simple solution that allowed me to mirror my blog content effortlessly to my hidden services. As Hugo is a static content generator, I didn’t have the opportunity to dynamically rewrite content on the fly by pulling the HTTP host from the current request.

Dead Onions Rising

About half a year ago, I decided to turn off my old Gentoo instance and end my run with WordPress. My current cloud instance is running Ubuntu, and I’ve migrated (most of) my content from the old WordPress installation to Hugo.

Gentoo - Tor stable on amd64

So why is this release noteworthy? Well, I experienced an issue with the previous release (Tor where I was unable to get sandboxing to work due to the following error:

Welcome to my new v3 onion

Gentoo recently marked Tor as stable on amd64 so without further ado I’m launching my v3 onion. This hidden service is available at the following 56 bit long address: 4hpfzoj3tgyp2w7sbe3gnmphqiqpxwwyijyvotamrvojl7pkra7z7byd.onion

A year of hosting an onion site

A short story detailing my experiences with hackers, SIGINT and the inherent depravity of humankind. In truth though, this story may lack all the aforementioned ingredients. The lonely onion A year ago I decided to offer my visitors “absolute” privacy in the shape of a Tor hidden service. Believing others were as fed up as myself with the constant mining of our personal data, I was eager to see what kind of traffic my hidden service would receive.

How to configure WordPress as a Tor hidden service

I decided I wanted to host my WordPress installation as a hidden service on Tor instead of backporting all my existing content to Hugo. I previously ran Hugo on my onion site and even though I still want to make that move eventually, for now, I’m sticking with what I already know. Besides, putting arguably the worst content management system ever invented on the dark web seemed like a fun venture.

Entering the Dark Web

It’s time to take privacy to the next level and ship this website off to the dark web. As a longtime Tor user it has been a source of embarrassment to not have my content available in onionland. However, that’s all in the past and this website is currently available at slackiuxopmaoigo.onion I’ve also mentioned a few times that I’m sick and tired of WordPress so I’ve gone and replaced it with the Hugo website engine (on the new site).