Another year of hosting an onion site

The highly anticipated continuation of last year’s riveting tale of fear and loathing on the dark web. I hereby offer a full disclosure of attack patterns observed against my onion and my WordPress installation, respectively.

Dependency graph for net-vpn/tor

Dependency graph for Tor on Gentoo Linux.

Regarding those attack patterns, well they were clearly so far above my level of expertise that I was unable to identity even a single targeted attack. It was almost like it never happened… scary!

Anyway, unlike the previous year, my onion site now sees substantial traffic. Unfortunately, 95% of the traffic consists of content scrapers, vulnerability scanners and onion spiders. I’ve also been graced by a vast selection of poorly written crawlers that seem incapable of parsing a simple HTML document. Their efforts, however, result in thousands of requests for non-existing resources.

A confused dark web crawler

The above mentioned crawlers eventually annoyed me to the extent that I decided to implement a few strict conditions for accessing resources on my onion site. I was so pleased with the result that I later added a modified version for Have a look at “Validating HTTP requests using Apache’s THE_REQUEST variable” for the finer details.

Last but not least, I recently launched a new v3 onion that you can read all about at this link if interested. That’s all, hope to see you next year for another exciting report ;-)

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