According to Jim

Hetzner deprecated my CX11 server plan

After logging into my Hetzner account, I was met with a message informing me that my current cloud server plan was being deprecated. I could either choose to keep my existing server plan or rescale it. In my experience, this approach is usually a disguised upsell attempt, but thankfully not so with Hetzner.

Raivo OTP breaks users' one-time passwords

Finding a solid and reliable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that you can trust is not a task to be taken lightly. For iOS, my choice has been the open-source application Raivo OTP. However, after yesterday’s automatic update, I no longer have my OTPs.

I'm giving up on Enterprise Linux on the desktop

This is not another post about the never happening “Year of the Linux desktop”. I’ve been running GNU/Linux on my desktop for more than 20 years without ever believing the grass was greener on the other side. However, three years ago, I reluctantly replaced my Slackware Linux installations with the offerings from Linux Enterprise providers Canonical and Red Hat.

About all those -k.html backlinks to your website

Since the end of last year, most of my backlinks have originated from websites without any relevant connection to my content. However, they’re suspiciously similar, identified by the suffix of the referring URL being -k.html. Another distinct feature of the backlinks is that they’re only targeting (as in hotlinking) images.

IPFS error: Resource limits were exceeded

For a while now, my IPFS node has complained about resource limits being exceeded. Sadly, I’ve not had any time to look into the issue. Speaking of, what kind of miserable bastard would spend their Christmas holiday troubleshooting an IPFS node? Ah yes, that would be me.

Does Instagram have a sense of humor?

With the unfortunate demise of Bibliogram, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for an Instagram account. It was not an easy decision to make, but there are a few athletes I need to keep an eye on. I mean, for sports betting purposes.

How did a subdomain on end up serving porn?

A few days ago I discovered several referral spam links to the domain in my server logs. Spam referrals are usually a part of some blackhat SEO campaign used to generate traffic, and if possible, get the URL listed on a website’s public statistics page.

Content warning: This article contains mildly sexually explicit text and images.