Gentoo - Tor stable on amd64

So why is this release noteworthy? Well, I experienced an issue with the previous release (Tor where I was unable to get sandboxing to work due to the following error:

(Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt (syscall openat)

At the time, I really wanted to launch my v3 onion so I decided to just run Tor without sandboxing, instead of rolling back to an earlier release.

I’ve since become aware that this particular issue might have been caused by a change in glibc where the open() wrapper was changed to call openat(), which could potentially break seccomp() filters.
*Don’t quote me on that though, it’s way above my paygrade ;-)

Anyhow, this server is now running glibc 2.27 and Tor on Gentoo Linux and Tor sandboxing is again working as advertised.

Tor seccomp

Showing the seccomp flag from the Tor process (2: Seccomp-bpf is enabled ).

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