Fedora 39 breaks Chromium-based browsers after a Mesa update

I temporarily return to Fedora and am welcomed back by more breakage. The first thing I did after updating and restarting my Fedora laptop was to fire up the Cider app to connect to Apple Music. It immediately croaked with its dying words being Skia shader compilation error. That felt eerily familiar, as I remember facing the same problem on Fedora a few months back.

I'm giving up on Enterprise Linux on the desktop

This is not another post about the never happening “Year of the Linux desktop”. I’ve been running GNU/Linux on my desktop for more than 20 years without ever believing the grass was greener on the other side. However, three years ago, I reluctantly replaced my Slackware Linux installations with the offerings from Linux Enterprise providers Canonical and Red Hat.

Fedora implements precognitive technology

If your Fedora Linux installation had only one hour left to live, where would you go and what would you do? Welcome to another brand new installment of my adventures in enterprise Linux’ing.

Systemd journal corruption on Fedora

I always keep a terminal window open to monitor system logs in real-time when I’m in front of my computer. Therefore, it immediately caught my attention when the systemd journal offered zero new lines of output. The most recent entry simply contained information about the previous shutdown.