Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE - TASK ERROR: CT is locked (snapshot-delete)

During an issue with a defective storage solution, I had temporarily (as in not added to fstab) mounted an external USB disk under /mnt/usb-disk on a Proxmox server to keep the backups flowing. A day and a reboot later, those backups started to fill up the local storage instead with unfortunate consequences. As they say, you really can’t fix stupid.

Proxmox VE and the case of an unresponsive GUI

For the second time this year, our old FreeNAS storage platform went offline and left our Proxmox VE 6.4 servers in a continuous state of distress. This issue renders the Proxmox VE GUI unresponsive and thus unable to display information about the virtual servers it’s running.

Installing a BlueOnyx OpenVZ template with Proxmox VE

The following article demonstrates one approach to installing and configuring a BlueOnyx OpenVZ container using Proxmox VE 1.9. If you’re familiar with Proxmox VE you might have noticed that BlueOnyx has been pulled from the list of community maintained appliances.