SimpleScreenRecorder on Slackware Linux with multimedia codecs

SimpleScreenRecorder (ssr) is a feature-rich screen recorder for Linux that supports X11 and OpenGL. SimpleScreenRecorder is available as a SlackBuild script from, but by only installing the listed dependency, namely FFmpeg, you’ll end up with a rather limited set of supported codecs.

However, everything you need is already provided as SlackBuild scripts from

To build SimpleScreenRecorder with all the bells and whistles you’ll need the following packages, preferably installed in this order: libebml, libmatroska, libmp4v2, x264, libvpx, lame, ffmpeg.

libebml: Matroska package requirements
libmatroska: Matroska audio/video container
libmp4v2: MP4v2 library
x264: Library for encoding H264/AVC video streams
libvpx: VP8 is an open video codec
lame: LAME is a high quality MP3 encoder
ffmpeg: A solution to record, convert and stream audio and video

When you’re at the point where you build ffmpeg, it’s important to configure the additional features you want supported (x264, VP8 and MP3). This is done by issuing the following command:

LAME=yes VPX=yes X264=yes ./ffmpeg.SlackBuild

If you’re using Sbopkg for your every SlackBuild need (I strongly recommend that you do), you can simply issue the following command to automate the entire process:

sbopkg -i libebml -i libmatroska -i libmp4v2 -i x264 -i \
libvpx -i lame -i ffmpeg:LAME=yes:VPX=yes:X264=yes
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