Slackware ARM announces EOL for 14.1 and -current

Some unfortunate but understandable news emerged on the Slackware ARM website today as ARM maintainer Stuart Winter released the following announcement:

Slackware ARM 14.1 will become End of Life on 1st September 2016 and development of ARM -current will cease upon the release of Slackware 14.2. I’m just tired of continually thinking for my full time job, then working on the ARM port in what little time I have available. I don’t have the time or mental space to continue making the port represent the hallmarks of Slackware…

Please read the full announcement posted on

From what I gather, the upcoming Slackware ARM 14.2 release will continue to receive security updates, but future development on Slackware ARM will cease. I believe its user base will agree that the Slackware ARM port has been a great addition to the Slackware family and has adhered to the quality associated with the Slackware brand. I would like to express my sincere thanks and respect to @drmozes for all his work and effort on the Slackware ARM port, I have enjoyed it immensely.

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