Everything's bigger in Texas

I was spending an evening window shopping for a future BSD hosting provider when I came across ARP Networks and its list of VPS plans. What caught my attention was not the technical specifications, but rather the naming scheme that I found to be simply astounding.

So, ARP Networks describes its basic plans with labels like “small”, “medium” and “large”. Not unusual by any means, but from there on in, things get a little bit different.

Question: What is bigger than “Large”
Answer: “Jumbo”

Question: What is bigger than “Jumbo”
Answer: “The American”

ARP Network - VPS Plans

ARP Networks VPS Plans – Go big or go home.

This made me laugh so hard I choked on my coffee. For some reason I can’t shake the image of a juicy triple whopper from my mind.

I fear ARP Networks has painted itself into a corner though. How is the company ever going to surpass this plan in the future, should the need arise? Would they even dare to introduce “The Donald”? :D

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