How to enable HTTP/2 in Apache 2.4 on Gentoo Linux

I recently added support for the HTTP/2 protocol on this server and I am really pleased with the additional performance gains. This VPS was already running a functional LAMP stack, so the following steps describe the necessary configuration changes for my setup which relies on Apache with PHP-FPM.

Gentoo 17.0 profile upgrade is complete

This Scaleway hosted Gentoo x86_64 server (VC1S with 2 cores and 2GB of RAM) has finally completed the move to the new Gentoo 17.0 profile. Rebuilding my entire system consisting of 277 packages lasted 26 hours and went by without any issues. All packages were re-emerged with --jobs=1 to keep the system responsive during compilation, and to avoid exhausting available memory. Gentoo throwing a warning about the use of a deprecated profile.

Gentoo - Protect your running PHP version from emerge depclean

Now that I’ve been running this blog on Gentoo Linux for a while, I’ve discovered a few new potential gotchas when failing to pay attention while interacting with Portage. The latest addition to my list was nearly removing my running PHP installation with emerge --depclean.

Malicious bots sending siteru as the HTTP referer

I’ve received a few hundred requests originating from bots setting as their referrer. These attacks are scanning for compromised WordPress installations and PHP based shells and backdoors. The attacking IP’s belong to compromised hosts and websites from service providers around the world.

About Slackware-current

So you’ve patiently been waiting for the next Slackware release but eventually you’re considering making the move to Slackware-current. So what exactly is Slackware-current and what would be the pros and cons of switching from stable to -current.

Raspberry down and out for the count

My Raspberry Pi based hosting came to an abrupt end earlier this week as the RPi3 suddenly became unresponsive. Powering off and on the device resulted in an infinitive loop of I/O error messages. I’ve tried to recover the filesystem, but unfortunately my attempts proved to be unsuccessful.

Botnet traffic is on the rise

During the last few days I’ve been noticing a major surge in botnet traffic probing for the infamous Apache Struts 2 exploit, popular database setup and configuration scripts and even some old school cgi-bin vulnerabilities. The traffic originates from compromised hosts with major cloud vendors like Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode and OVH.

How to install Gnome Web (Epiphany) on Red Hat Linux

Accessing internal services on using self-signed certificates does no longer work in my preferred browser due to HSTS preloading. Instead of actually fixing the issue (or wait for Let’s Encrypt to roll out wildcard certificates), I decided to be clever and work around the restriction by installing a more “forgiving” web browser.